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How do I get represented?

  • To become a QuickBook model simply apply. Follow guidelines on application form and add 3 recent photos (no other people - no sunglasses or hats). Complete the simple Captcha for your application to go through.
  • If your look fits current hiring trends for mainstream modeling opportunities, we will contact you by email - generally within 24 hours - about advancing on and being represented by our booking agents and our agency.
  • We have clients that hire models in all cities in North America (Canada and United States including Puerto Rico and Guam) needing models of ALL ages from babies to senior citizens.
  • This is not necessarily about becoming a top skinny fashion model for designers and runways (that possibility is open if your look fits) – it is about being in everyday advertising for products, services, movies, TV shows, company promotions. Models appear in magazines, on TV, billboards, company websites, and much more. There are all kinds of safe, fun and great paying jobs if you match a client’s requirements.

100's of new jobs across U.S. and Canada booking daily for restaurant ads, travel industry, hotels, commercials, fashion print, clothing, furniture stores, electronics, big box store ads, industrial brochures, magazine editorial layouts, billboards, department and grocery stores ads, banking, cell phone, car & truck ads, public safety spots, insurance, and medical commercials, personal care products, summer outdoor recreation items and RV's, TV shows and major movies filming on location. Our work continues every day.

Our clients need models NOW - ALL AGES MAY APPLY.

  • Men, women, children, kids, teens, infants, toddlers.
  • Only qualified applicants are approved for representation. (*those that fit current hiring trends)
  • QuickBook Agency books in USA & Canada.
  • Clients review new faces daily in cities everywhere.
  • QB Offices / booking agents in most states and provinces all working together with clients needing models where you live.

Exciting fun and great paying jobs. Hiring companies nationwide include: Arrow, Scholastic Books, Kellogg's, TAKKO, Johnson & Johnson, JCPenney, Mattel, Stouffers, Seiko, National Geographic, Ecco USA, Coca Cola, L'Oreal Canada, Disney, Timberland, Parents, Axe, Hanes, Delsym, Conair, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, FatFace, Men's Health, Nike, Carsey Werner TV, Cadillac, New Line Cinema, Eddie Bauer, Fris, NBC, Volkswagen, Sony, Barilla, CBS, Chiquita, Blauer, Amazon Alexa, ABC, FOX TV, Macy's, The Gap, Pottery Barn Kids, Ralph Lauren Home, Best Buy, Chrysler, Stride Rite, Marshall's, Winner's, OshKosh B'Gosh, Carter's, Foot Locker, Yamaha, Food Network, Bustle-Walmart + Many major ad agencies and other leading magazines.


We are a real agency, not robots, not telemarketers, not some unsafe social-media unmonitored public experience. We do not use services like Instagram or Facebook or other unsafe formats to represent our talent or display jobs to the public. We operate with a legitimate website with real booking agents handling jobs nationwide decades before internet was available. You are safe here with good honest people working together with the goal of your success in this industry. Real companies respect an agency that respects their confidential booking information and does not openly share it on social media – that is why they use a professional modeling agency.